« …Atmosphere painter, Anne Marie HOUDEVILLE stages her intimate relationship with things. More evocative than purely narrative, her metaphorical language lets the viewer wander inside a house that seems to hold many secrets.

Practicing a strange and incessant dialogue, light and shadow conspire to make his painting a space that is both reassuring and enigmatic ».


« … The trip proposed by Anne Marie HOUDEVILLE is inspired by Buddhist philosophy. Her painting still seems to be bathed in this Asian wisdom that she studied. Her creation is punctuated by a judicious balance of contrasts: from shadow to light, from detail to the blurred thing, from the depth of the soul to the lightness of fabrics, from interiority to the opening onto a garden, from past to future… Her paintings are lands of contrasts that delicately envelop us in the warm silence of the soul. The theatre of an inner life that seeks to tame the ambivalence of feelings? ».