It is a long story, because it covers 7 centuries, with famous and less famous people, happy moments and tragic ones and … memory gaps (the documents are not always there, sometimes sleeping in national Archives or lost).

The present chateau (listed in the Inventory of Historical Monuments in 1941) was built on the ruins of a castle, of which only a basement and a wall remain. With its Gothic style, it was built in the same manner as the present Rouen Courthouse (the former parliament of Normandy) or the Hotel de Bourghteroulde or even the Gaillon and Clères castles.

Dedicated to Mary Magdalene, who was then particularly venerated in Normandy, it is attached to the chateau. Its beauty was compared to the chapels of Amboise and Blois chateaus

Thanks to its bucolic situation, Etelan has retained its large estate of around 20 hectares, planted with various species, mostly regional.


Walkers who wander in the gardens will discover hidden gems, preserved for centuries. Thanks to the rich history of the area and the tastes of the various owners you will discover a myriad of sights as beautiful as astonishing.


Given the extent of the restauration work, Etelan can not be financed on its own. That’s why we seek private sponsors . You can easily contribute to the conservation of the castle, whatever your means.