The association aims to create and animate structures allowing the use of the Etelan Park and Chateau to contribute to the evolution of the quality of life in Normandy particularly in the Parc des Boucles de la Seine and to participate in the restoration of the chateau.

André Bettencourt, founder of the Association des Amis du Parc et du Château d’Ételan
Fanny Azzuro (pianist) and Simone Arese (Président of the association) – Photo: Yves Richard

The association was created on December 8th 1975 by Mr. André Bettencourt, Minister under Georges Pompidou, and mayor of Saint Maurice d’Ételan.

The action of the Association is carried out in the following areas:

  • Participation in the activities of Saint-Maurice d’Etelan and its neighbouring villages.
  • Restoration, conservation and development of the Château d’Etelan, its Park and its outbuildings.
  • Creation and animation of cultural, tourist and leisure activities
  • Protection of the site, its wildlife and and its flora

The Association has been recognized as being of public utility. It is authorized to receive donations and legacies by decision of January 10, 1976 of the sub-prefect of Le Havre. The Association of the Friends of the Park and the Château d’Ételan is an organization of general interest.


Membership of the Association of Friends of the Park and Château d’Ételan entitles you to free admission to the Château and discounts at events.

    Registration to become a member of the Association of Friends of the Park and Château d’Ételan is 10€ per person. It is open to individuals, companies, associations, etc.

    Donations are eligible for a tax deduction from 20€. It is necessary to be a member to benefit from it.
    Become a benefactor for a donation greater than or equal to 50€.



 Fill out the registration form to let us know your intention to become an adherent member of the Association and make a donation.


We will acknowledge receipt of your form by email and we will inform you of the terms of payment by cheque and bank transfer.


Nous vous enverrons un reçu par courrier après reception de votre paiement.